June 23, 2011

Wardrobe Wednesday: banana meets wallie

greetings, friends.

you wouldn't know it
but the house is all packed up and
now waiting for mr. truck to
arrive, be loaded and drive to the new abode.

today we are surrounded by
boxes upon boxes upon boxes.

which is why you are
getting one of my infamous
wardrobe wednesday posts on,
you guessed it,

oh, and
this is the clairol
'darkest brown'
that really looks black.

wouldn't you agree?

i'm over it.

welcome, black.

matches my flower.

bought this little stripped tee
at wallie.
i think i paid $4...
maybe even $3.

linen pants?
banana and they were on sale,
plus i had a $10 off coupon.

out the door,
i think i paid $40.
not bad for banana.

can't go wrong with
white linen
on the east coast
in the summer.

you aren't aware of this,
but my family is in the full
throws of transition.

packers came yesterday.
i guess i get a star for being organized and ready.

they did their 'two day job'
in just one.

yeah for being prepped and ready to go.

only problema is,
we are displaced one more day.
truck is still scheduled for tomorrow.

looks like it's family movie day for
team brookes!

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