June 8, 2011

wardrobe wednesday: mother of the year morning

ever have one of those mornings?

mother of the year mornings?

that was the sentiment
in the brookes abode.


the day i took this photo was
a good morning.

not so much.

just feeling cruddy.
but these things happen.

especially when you are single-momming it,
with three teenage estrogen fueled girls.

so here is my
wardrobe wednesday.

now i will promptly
start picking myself back up and move on with my day.

tip of the day:
note the positive,
don't beat yourself up,
and unwavering discipline is a good thing
(even when your little girl head off to school in tears)

did i mention i tried to touch up my roots with
clairol dark brown?
when did dark brown equal black?
yes black.

just call me morticia.

oh, let me add that homer snatched food
off the counter for the
kazillionth time.

not a stellar morning over here.

please tell me a story or two about
a morning not so great in your neck of the woods.

need to hear these things.


  1. Pretty tunic with your lovely dark locks. Hey we all have those days as mothers don't we? I think I was lamenting about bringing down the hammer the last time we chatted on the phone. Hang in there "single" mommy. At least you're working the outfit!

  2. hey i just saw this post and had to smile. got the same tunic friend...ox