June 20, 2011

wicked recap

where do i possibly start?

june 18, 2011.


before the show.
giddy with excitement.
can you tell?

must mention mary who did
all the ticket purchase organizing,
dinner reservations and all around
kennedy center tour guide.

thanks, mary.
you're the best.

we were lucky enough to
talk otay ranch heather into joining us for the day.

unfortunately we couldn't sit together.
but not to worry.

if you squint you can see heather in the row behind us...
on the other side of the theater.
squint really hard.

hi heather.

i'm not sure which was more thrilling for me.
the show...
or the venue.

kennedy center
was to die for.

would you spy those
grand chandeliers?

I know.

and forget about the draperies.
who's going to clean those?

famous bust of kennedy.

at every turn,
the kennedy center just got better and better.

one more...

this is what we did during intermission.
until mr. security officer had a chat with us.

mary watched over the seats
while heather and kristy sipped on peligrinos

*thank mary for letting us know
we could pre-order drinks before the
show ready for us at intermission.

we were total tourists,
snapping photos every chance we got.

roof top terrace.
amazing views of dc.

look how happy the girls were
at the view

wendy, kristy and heather
otay ranch reunited

so grateful that our little move
didn't derail our big wicked plans.

it was a great day.


  1. Looks fun! Wish we could have joined you.

  2. Thanks Wendy as always for being the perfect hostess even on the eve of a big move! Great fun! Great Memories! Great Friends!!