June 15, 2011

Wardrobe Wednesday: lululemon

greetings my long lost peeps.

time flies when you are breaking down a house.

sorry about my absence.

been spackling,
sorting and bagging.

you know.
day in the life of a family
getting ready to pack up...

but i did manage to don my
new lululemon dress.

the soccer team i manage (managed)
was so beyond generous and gave me
a sizable gift card for my
fave and yours:
you guessed it.

this is ONE of the handful of
i settled on.

it is uber comfortable.
ready to be dressed up or dressed down.

highly recommend.

but i saved the best part for last...

it's reversible!

can you say,
two dresses in one?

total deal.

as usual, would love your thoughts.

oh and this is the clairol dark brown
that is actually black.

getting used to it.


  1. I had NO idea lulu carried dresses! I love their yoga pants, but this is really exciting - I can be comfy and dressy?!

  2. lulu is the best! run don't walk to your nearest shop...bring your wallet. you'll need it. kelly, thanks for stopping by.