June 28, 2011

opinion poll: operation bar stools

new house poses some
new problems
with team brookes

we are losing our kitchen table,
and gaining a kitchen island.

what's the problem,
you ask?

no stools.

what to get.

this is where you come in.

exhibit a:
the kitchen island

this is where the fam while share
most of the every day meals.

which stools would
prove team brookes proud?

here are some of my picks:

option 1:
emeco navy barstool
1940's repo
brushed aluminum

(a little pricey when i will be
needing 5 of these suckers)

but i so do love this industrial lookoption 2:
pottery barn aaron barstool
also found at target

goes with most interiors

option 3:
free choice

come on.
help a girl out.


  1. My vote is for the black bartstools!

  2. Tough choice! I like both the metal and black choices!
    It doesn't seem like you have a lot of clearance around your island (although that could just be the pictures). A stool with a back on it will take up more space, and if space is at a premium, you might consider a backless stool. We have the napolean barstools from PB, and they have served us well. I like that they push under the edge of my island and are out of the way if they are not being sat in. I bought black, but the rush seat was too light and natural for my preferences, so I stained it a darker mahogany brown.

  3. I like the wicker it really compliments those beautiful floors. My sister has them and they are super comfy!

  4. definitely option 1!
    hi wendy :)

  5. My personal choice is the wicker, I have always loved wicker chairs. Not sure how they would wear for everyday use...your kids are older so maybe you don't need to worry about food dropping on the seats :)

    My conservative practical side would probably go with option 2.

  6. I like the metal for ease of cleaning and durability. I have two stools from target that would not handle every day use. The needed to be reglued and enforced shortly after buying them so I say no to the black ones. I love the wicker but how fun is it going to be cleaning salsa out of all those little nooks and crannies. I'm a messy eater. You know I enjoy my food.

  7. I have a friend that has the metal bar stools and they are terrific. Durable and sexy. Go for it!

  8. thanks for chiming in ladies. looks like our old "bar height" chairs actually fit (if you have really skinny legs). looks like we'll try to make due with those...we've got three. now on the lookout for two stools to flank the island. will keep you posted.