January 20, 2010

The Age of Technology

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Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy

Palm Springs Zaitz House

I'm not sure if my family is the only one out there behind on the times when it comes to updating their home entertainment. Maybe because I have no teenage boys wanting the latest and greatest to play the most recent game with. Maybe because I like the "retro" look that only that big, old, heavy TV can offer. Maybe because I am too cheap to replace a TV that works perfectly fine and buying another just to update goes against my "use what you have" nature.

Regardless to say, our family is breaking into the new era and getting not one but two flat screen TVs. Okay, to be honest, our new pad actually has two flat screen TV mounts waiting for the appropriate flat screen to hang from. Our old TV's have no place next to a flat screen mount.

It is time.

So a new challenge arises. Where to put the cable box and other electronics underneath the TV? Because we NOW have wall mounts we are now left to purchase some type of console, cabinet or shelf for under the TV for other electronics.

My idea is to get wall shelves: neat, clean and sleek. Not going to work in my space...there is a big hole with wires coming out...now I need to hide that. I need a piece of furniture.

Would love ideas or thoughts on the new dilemma on our plate. I am leaning toward the Apartment Therapy looks...

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  1. you need to get a samsung first of all. did a ton of research before buying and hanging it over our fireplace. all electronics sit hiding in a nearby cabinet. it's clean and neat. i love it!