January 13, 2010

Zebra anyone?

Yes, you can. Yes, you can have an animal hide in your living space. Didn't think of it before? Well now you need to pick your print and go for it. Whether it be zebra, cow hide, cheetah or tiger...nothing looks better than a splash of the wild side.

I love zebra. I have a zebra hide in my family room (it's really a dyed cow hide for all your activists out there). Yes, my darling husband thought I was crazy but I think he actually has grown to like our zebra in the family room.

If you check out my white, white, everywhere post from 1/5/2010 you will see my own personal zebra hide right under my coffee table.

I'd love to know which hide you would pick...


  1. love the zebra you have in your room. Great inspirations.

  2. Now I know what's missing in my room. I have the perfect place for a zebra rug. Thanks buddy!

  3. I am now a convert to the zebra. Never thought that would happen. Thinking about incorporating one in my home...not quite sure if it will work but will give it a try. Love all the above. Also, love numbers and color

  4. glad you are enjoying, Jack. Go wild!