January 5, 2010

National Mall

We got invited from local friends to join them on a jaunt to the
National Mall for a day of Museums.
We knew these friends in our beloved San Diego.
They became and still are dear to our family.
The kids even went to preschool together.
It was a chilly day but we found our way to the Metro station...
became new owners of what's called a smart card (parking fee card)
and made our way to THE NATIONAL MALL stop.

The girls loved catching up and hanging out with old smiling faces,
while mommy got to do the same with her buddies.

We rushed our way through the Natural History Museum and
ended the day with a drive thru window version of the American History Museum
(my personal fave).
We briefly spied Dorothy's red shoes,
a selected few dresses of our past first ladies (Jackie O's was my favorite)
and finally for the grand finale...
Julia Child's kitchen.
It was a speedy venture but fun one.

Thanks for the invite, Bubecks!

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