January 12, 2010

Louis Ghost Chair

I am in love with a touch of modern. I stumbled upon this unique chair, the Louis Ghost Chair, and knew immediately this chair was meant for me. I'm not sure when but it will be in my future...

I've seen these chairs placed in rooms, in corners and at tables as a perfect modern accessory. I wouldn't say my style is modern, more a mix of slipcovers, ebony stains with a dash of modern touches.

I actually think two of these would be the perfect addition to end my dining room table with.

Could you ever see one of these bad boys in your house? Propped in a corner? Flanking an occasional table? Welcoming you in the foyer?

Would love to hear your comments...


  1. Found you one for $175


    You've wanted one for a while...get it!

    Miss you buddy!

  2. Yeah! I'll look for it. Who's the best?

  3. Yes, I could. I am on the lookout to have some lucite in my home somewhere. Maybe a coffee table or the ghost chair. Your description of your style above is MINE EXACTLY.

    Much love,