January 4, 2010

New years Eve Date Night

It was our first New Year's eve in the new pad.
After a few failed attempts at getting together with friends Michael and I decided to venture out and scout a hip happening restaurant for an early dinner.
So that was it...date night SANS kids.

We ate at Capri around the corner from us...
yes, it was a less than 5 minute drive,
in fact,
right next to our faithful grocery GIANT.

I had Atlantic Salmon with grilled zucchini.
Michael spaghetti pomadoro.
Both were delicious even though Michael
said he liked mine better.
(not that I'm keeping it...just saying)

It was a great night with just my husband...
so nice we decided to surprise the girls with a couple bottles of Martinelli's
(and we only got one phone call asking if we were on our way home yet).

We had a New Year's toast using my dear grandmothers mini-martini glasses.
The girls loved that.
We stood in a circle and each shared our new year's resolutions.
What a perfect night.

We even squeezed in a family movie night...what was it?
Oh, 500 days of Summer per Aunt Heather's suggestion..
can't say that we would have chosen that again.
Sorry, Heath.
We did love the Daughter of the Week Mommy-Daddy Sandwich, though.
Love you, Tess.

All in all it was a perfect night...
date with hubby,
big bed time with girls...

Sleep tight, peeps.

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