January 12, 2010

Picture Perfect Pantry

Who doesn't love checking out a neat, organized, even pretty pantry? I guess I'd have to say that is me. I think I have a secret obsession about being organized...everything has it's place and of course labeling or monogramming everything.

Well, the same goes for my pantry. Now that we have moved into a smaller kitchen space I knew what I put in there had to be useful, functional and perhaps stylish. I love baskets in my pantry and labeled canisters.

I have found some photos of other pantry's that are fun, labeled and organized. How organized is your pantry? Winter day project? Who knows, it might actually be fun going through expiration dates, sorting like products and restocking a useful pantry.

1 comment:

  1. Love to get new ideas for organizing. Since my place is so small I need a specific place for everything.