January 11, 2010

Hunter Original Rain Boots

No this isn't a design post or even an interiors post...this is foundationally a Simply Brookes style inspirational.

You've all seen these tres chic, durable, and functional rain boots. They look great with just about anything and are also just a wee bit fashion forward. They come in just about any color you can imagine: black (old standby), merlot, pumpkin, silver, even chocolate.

That is my problem...IF I were to actually purchase a pair ($115 @ Nordstrom) which color would I get? My local Nordies has pink and tourquoise in stock. Cute but would they be the long lasting color I'm looking for? Needless to say, not an easy decision.

I'd love your input. Which color would you choose? Check out the website and let me know.

Right now I'm leaning toward black gloss. Input?


  1. I would probably go practical, black or chocolate but probably black.

  2. I agree that you can't go wrong with the black or chocolate. They would match everything. But that dark red - merlot - really caught my eye too. also like the silvery grey.

  3. Thanks for the comments. Do love the Hunters...with all this muck, slush, wet, rain and snow I am convincing myself they would be GREAT to have...would my husband agree? Ha.

    Love the chocolate or the black.

  4. warning -- I have a pair of wellies that look similar, but not quite as stylish as these hunters. Let me tell you, they are NOT warm. Maybe the hunters are warmer, but my wellies are really designed for rain or mud, probably in the spring. And then they can be kinda hot. You, know being rubber and all.