February 18, 2010

Wonderful Wall Decals





What a statement.

It is easy.

It is temporary.

It is bold.

Wall Decals.

You can find virtually hundreds of designs in a multitude of colors.

Here are just a few I found.

Thanks, Kris.
I got the idea from looking through your amazing FB photos
of your construction remodel.
Well done.

I, too, have used a wall decal or two but liked these ideas more.
I might have to edit and redo myself.

Would love to hear about any wall decal accomplishments on your end.


  1. Wendy, too funny. I have a drafted blog post all about wall decals. You beat me to it. Love the wall decals, am looking for a great bird/tree one for Andie's room.

  2. Do we think alike or what? Can't wait to see what you choose.

    I loved the variety out there...now these aren't at Targ or Wallie but they are out there. Very fun and bold. Perfect for renters like us.