February 16, 2010

Solid to See Through Re-do

It was time.
It had been painted, white washed, written on, scratched up, broken and nailed back together.
The 13 year old "country" pine coffee table had seen it's day.

It was time for a new look.

I had kept my eye out for just the right coffee table and had initially wanted an acrylic one.
Hard to find and pricey.

I had to go plan B.

I didn't want to spend a ton of money
( I'm sure you are getting to know my theme by now).
I wanted simple and see through.

I was even open to getting TWO end tables side by side for more versatility.

I found it! A great table, for a great price at a store just around the corner from me.
Crate and Barrel $79
The Mimic Cube

comes in three great colors.

I got two on the spot, came home and found myself with table parts, screws and determination.

lots and lots of screws

I'm getting there...


The glass-top open tables give the illusion of more open space
(it is a very very small family room to begin with).

I can use the bottom shelf for knickknacks, books or cool stuff.
I chose my favorite books of Hampton Homes with Sea Life accents.

Hope you like the mini transformation. Tell me which YOU prefer?
Solid or See Through?

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