February 12, 2010

Fashion Forward...The Sartorialist



Via Verra, Milano

Young stockbroker in Syndey

Woman in Rio

(I love this one)

The Sartorialist

No studios. No wind fans. No make-up or designers...
just real people on the streets.

I love this guy.

His name is Scott Schuman.
He started his blog by simply taking pictures
of people off the streets of New York who he thought looked great.
He now travels the world and inspires many with his blog, photos and daily inspirations.

In fact, he has a book out (came out in July 2009)
that if you like these photos, his blog or his ideas, you should check out.

The title of his book is The Sartorialist and it can be found on Amazon among other places.
I personally plan on putting it on my wish list at my favorite place to go...
you guessed it, The Public Library.

I love that style has no age or income or price tag.
The Sartorialist captures this connection without a hitch.

Gives us little people hope that we, too, can be stylish and fashion forward.

Let me know what YOU think of his blog...


  1. I found his blog a few weeks ago and love it! Love the idea of his photos being of "normal" everyday people.

  2. Yes, I too, love that all those peeps are normal off the streets. Looks like Milano has all my fav's. Next vacation spot? If only...

    Miss you girl.