February 23, 2010

Sort It, Hang it, Box it...

Country Living

Below you will find a few photos from my own closet....
Okay, it's true...

I do love being organized.

Whether it's a closet, a drawer, a car or my file box. I love to know where things are and where things go. I think it's a good time management issue too.

It's a blessing and curse, I suppose.

I probably would LOVE to hang out at a National Professional Organizers Convention and pick up a couple tips along the way. Does that make me wierd? I guess I already knew that.

Regardless, here is my latest inspiration.

Organized closets if you don't have the luxury of having professionally installed closets with all the drawers, cubbys and shelves.

Ikea has lots of organizer options: Hanging shelves for pants or sweaters, slim drawers for scarves or gloves, even bins for hats or bathing suits.

They are affordable.

They come in lots of color options and they have various sized hanging organizers to customize exactly what you want to store.

I would love to hear how you tackle the mounting project of closet organization.

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  1. We recently cleaned out our closet. This entailed pulling EVERYTHING out, cleaning and painting (it had never been painted). That alone made our closet more organized...but I do want some more organizing bins! Things to add to my TO DO LIST! Love the pic's Wen.