February 17, 2010

Favorite Freebie...Get Moving!

Have you guessed it by now?

No membership fees...

No equipment required...

No start up costs...

You can usually find them within mere miles from your house,
sometimes just steps away.

You guessed it!
Walking paths, running paths, trails, whatever you want to call them.
They are everywhere.
And if you are lucky enough to live in a planned community they are usually built in!

This is free health, people.
All you need are sneakers.
Who doesn't have a pair of sneakers? Walking shoes?
Shoot, you could probably go in flip flops if you had to...
or even bare feet if your path is on the beach.

It's a great freebie with many many benefits.

Grab a friend.
Find your nearest walking trail, bike path, beach or running course.
They are out there.
All you need to do is find them.

Take 30-60 minutes a day (everyday) and walk, talk, run, roller blade, whatever.

Do it for your kids.
Do it for your life.
Do it for your future.

It's free. It's easy.

Just do it.

Share your story, if you have one,
of how you get in your exercise without gym memberships.


  1. Best freebie ever. Been running the golf course 3-4 days a week. I love it...it's right outside my door, I see the same faces every morniing and it just feels good!!

    Miss you girl!

  2. We chose our home due to all the nearby trails. Everyday we can run or walk in the woods, along the river or lakeside. It is an incredible gift to have all of this nature right out our back door. Give up gym membership, no problem! I would rather be outside anyday, rain or shine!