February 8, 2010

Snowmageddon of 2010

I know you have heard
all about the snow covered East Coast, blizzard of 2010.
You've heard the reports of cars abandoned,
travelers stuck and the city under siege...

There is a flip side.
I've met more neighbors shoveling out driveways
then in the past 2 months we've been in this house.
More than once my neighbors have ensured
we have everything we need (love the outreach).

I've been blown away by the evening aura that
when it snows. It's almost as if it were twilight or dusk but no...
it's snowing. For some reason snow creates the most amazing glow
with light and such...I can't get over it, each time it snows.

Then there are the mornings...
You wake up and see the most glorious sun glaring as if it were 80 degrees outside.
You stop in your tracks. If only I had a set of Cross County ski's. Okay, a daring run on powdered streets will have to do... trailing husband and dog of course.

And with the school snow days, I can safely say I know my way around the Clue game board better than anyone in this house (yeah for Mommy!). We've eaten in, eaten homemade and eaten well (not to mention eating-in is a mega money-saver).

Moving to the East Coast has been cold, different, exciting, new and wonderful.
We are all loving the snow...the added family time
and the adventure that only the unknown can bring.

Bring it on Snowmageddon!
(more snow is predicted on Tuesday...shovel is propped and ready)

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