February 2, 2010

The Calming Sea

I guess you could say that seeing elements of nature in my home brings me peace and serenity. Isn't that something we always strive for?

Homework, practice, chores, the dog eating one of my pork chops that were thawing out in the sink...sometimes the serenity gets lost in the shuffle.

This is why making your home a haven sets the mood. Bringing nature inside does that for me. Whether you throw a few star fish in an urn or frame some sea creatures for the wall, whatever bits of nature you LOVE incorporate it into your decor.

These are a few pictures of how I've sprinkled the sea into my home. Does it always provide that needed calm I'm looking for? Not always, but it doesn't hurt.

Tell me what inside your house makes you feel serene just by looking at it?

1 comment:

  1. Looking at a plate of cookies makes me feel pretty good. Eating them makes me feel better:)
    I do really love bringing a bit of nature in. I too have some shells laying around. I took your lead!