February 3, 2010

Thankful Inspiration...and new Hunter's

I have a few thank you's to get out of the way before I can post anything new. I am very grateful for this new outlet in my life. I love reading what others find significant enough to post themselves. Believe me, you can lose HOURS in this alone. But there have been a few people (bloggers) that have personally inspired me to start this new venture of mine.

My first thank you goes out to Mrs. Jones for charting the uncharted and showing me what you can do on your computer. I knew Heather and her family in San Diego. She is another mother, crafty with technology and a definite do-it-yourself-er. She was the first person I personally knew who had a blog. Oh, the inspiration. (She was also the gal who taught me how to find my way around eBay). Find the time and take a peek...I think you'll enjoy.

Another thank you is in order to my dear friend, Kristy. Her blog chronicles her adventures with putting a pool in her backyard. She has also sprinkled her blog with her true passion, of cooking. Kristy has definitely taught me a thing or two in the kitchen, let me tell you. Now her daughter, Madeline, is falling into her mothers footsteps and making her own way in the kitchen. Go Maddie! We miss their family greatly but appreciate being kept in the know through her blog. Stop by and say hi...at mi casa-San Diego.

Finally, a HUGE thank you goes out to my greatest inspiration, Heather. Heather is not only one of my dearest friends on earth, she is also my sister in law (it was thru her, that I married her older brother). Heather and I had talked about blogging for more time than we'll admit. But lo and behold, we did it. We both blog daily and call each other (now on opposite coasts) multiple times to exchange ideas, blog details or the latest clearance item purchased at Targie. In fact, Heather and I posted almost the exact post yesterday, much to our surprise. So if you had ANY interest my Calming Sea post, then you'll be sure to LOVE Heather's Art in Nature post. Check out PearDownLiving. If you like it become a fan! Who doesn't love fans?

I am so lucky to have the most amazing, inspirational women in my life. I know I may not be down the street from many of them now, but I know I'm only a click away.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

*I'm sure you can guess by the photo up top...I finally decided which color to choose for my new Hunters Original Rain Boots.


I even got to wear them after a snowfall. Dry feet are good feet.

On sale. $89. No tax. No shipping. Check it out for YOUR pair of Hunter's...Zappos.


  1. Oh my! I love love love those boots. I wonder if they have them in red???? Although, it rains so little here that I can't really justify getting them. But they would probably last me years and years.....Maybe I'll save up.
    And I can't wait to check out the links you posted.
    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Greta, You will adore all the colors they offer. Pumpkin was another tempting color but obviously settled on Pea Green. Thanks for the comment. Glad I found someone out there actually reading my blog. Yeah!

    You can find sales if you are persistent. Rarely go on sale, though.

    yes, will have them forever! Iconic rain boots, right?

  3. Love the green so much. You know they have the sock inserts for them as well that fold over the boot? Super cute!
    I'm sure you'll put them to good use.

  4. Thanks Wendy for the kind comments. This blogging is a fun way to stay connected and keep tabs on what we are up to and interested in! Love the boots!!

  5. Hey Wendy, I read that these boots run really big and that you should order a half size smaller. Is this true?

  6. Corine,
    I typically where a true 8 1/2. I bought a Womens 8/39. I have plenty of room for heavy socks. I wouldn't want them any smaller. Yes, round down if you are a half size. I think you need some. Miss you!

  7. Nice! My sister's friend works at Nordstroms and can get me a 33% discount, so I think I'm going to get black or grey. I'll be visiting Chicago quite often for the next four years so they'll come in handy.
    Thanks buddy!

  8. Yeah! Twins across the coast!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE mine. You will love yours.

  9. Wow, am I behind on blog reading or what?!! Thanks Wendy. You're a complete inspiration to me in every way, and I'm thankful to know you. I'm so glad you and Kristy have blogs. Not as good as living down the street from you, but close. See you at book club!