February 6, 2010

Brookes Style Celebration

Say it isn't so...my babies are 12 today.
It just can't be.

As much as I hate to admit it my babies are growing up on me.
I muster myself.
A celebration is in order...

Some birthdays are bigger than others...
this one was simple, home made and perfect.

Madison and I put our heads together for proper pomp and circumstance
for our dinner amongst friends.

Goodie Bags a la Madison
filled with confetti & kisses
and tagged with thanks

We personalized each bag with a tagged monogram
(you know I love a good monogram)


Tatum's only request:
Yellow cake and chocolate frosting

It wasn't made by a professional but, boy, was it yummy.

Their favorite gift (along with hours of imagination)
The Book of Shadows...
Any Charmed fans out there?

Charmed ones...3 sisters...good vs. evil...

Madison plays the most realist demon.
The girls use their spells (and the Book of Shadows)
to help vanquish evil
and bring goodness and order back to the universe.

We called this the "Brady Bunch" pose

It was a perfect evening:
great friends to help us celebrate,
a filling delicious meal and plenty of good wishes from all.

We even managed to make it to "big-bed" for some added snuggle time before bedtime.


  1. Happy Birthday Tess and Tatum! Wish we were there to celebrate!!

  2. Thanks, K. You are already here in thought.

  3. Love the decorations and the photos. I miss the girlies!