February 4, 2010

The Iconic Barcelona Chair


Every time I see this guy, I secretly want one (or two) somewhere in my house. Much like the Louis Ghost Chair and the Panton S Chair this is yet another iconic piece of furniture that transcends time with its style and class. It leans more into the modern, and I realize it won't appeal to everyone. I guess it is my inner modern coming out in me.

This architectural delight was created by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich for the German Pavilion at the 1929 Barcelona Exhibition. It is still in production and sells for just under $4000. You can also get a reproduction for a fraction of the cost at roughly $350 (see Regency Shop for more details).

Like any iconic piece of furniture it will make a statement and you'll have it forever.

Only questions is...is it for you?


  1. A little too modern for my taste but they look beautiful in these rooms. Maybe I need a little bit more modern in my life?? hmmm...

  2. Hello,

    I'd appreciate if you can give me some feedback on our site: www.regencyshop.com

    I realize that you are home decor-modern design connoisseur :) I'd like to hear your opinion/feedback on our products. Also, it'd be swell if you can place our panton chair link on your blog.

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  3. Nancy,
    Thank you for your comments. I checked out your site. VERY NICE! I especially love the hanging bubble chair. Would you mind if I used that in my blog?

    Feel free to visit again. I welcome suggestions, comments and input!